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a voyager of experiences deep, mysterious and ancient, aashit singh is a digital visionary artist who expresses the essence of inward reflections of the mind & soul with the warmth of elemental environments and energy. a receptive & listening-soul allows aashit to absorb the beauty in the patterns of life, death and all between, constantly creating & recreating the layers of meaning, intention and attention through his detailed fearless story-telling of images. always drawn to the deep transcendental states of the introspective self, in search of the essence, purpose and conviction that guides life on this plane and others, aashit singh is the mind, spirit & hand behind his collection ‘the are’. ‘the are’ contains the entire spectrum of his work that is at once layered with the complexity of structured geometry, abstract imagery & subliminal photography along with a rare simplicity that leads to elevated states of consciousness.
‘the are’ is an acronym of a shloka: ii om antahkaranam rtambaram ekakinam svaha ii
which means it is the inner instrument (the self) that holds the ultimate truth alone i.e by and within itself. this beautiful philosophy is the backbone of aashit’s creative journey and expression. ‘the are’ showcases inspiration and influence from aashit’s deep dive into eastern & indian mythology, hindu deities & gods, exploration of religious concepts and rituals has lead to firm respect for the solar & lunar calendars. ‘the are’ aims to portray the inevitable balance f creation & destruction, and its duality by using organic patterns full of flora, fauna alongside bionic & mechanical concepts. the form, purpose, beauty, depth and realms of nature provide aashit with an unquenchable source of inventiveness and wonder, and all this finds a home in ‘the are’. the layered, dreamy and ethereal tone of his artwork offers hallucinatory, epic stories that create lasting & deep connections with the onlooker. symmetry, singularity & balance make his artwork unequivocally unique.
aashit also brings the volume of his long-term connection with psychedelic environments and music to ‘the are’. the “ever-enchanting and eternal psychedelic sounds have always provided (him) visions far beyond the intellect and reason’ and this forms the playground for aashit to dissect, analyze and comprehend various facets of existence and being. the esoteric and dreamlike tones of the are highlights a subliminal intent, that is essentially psychedelic.

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