Tribal Gathering Panama “Never Ending Festival”

In the Tribal Gathering 2020 event organized in Panama, which we have heard frequently in recent years, quite confusing and complex problems occurred this year. Due to the Corona Virus spreading globally, the authorities do not allow 300 people in the festival area to leave the area.

They hold 300 people from the festival area to wait there for 2 weeks. The fact that the information provided by the embassies is inadequate and confusing causes many question marks in their heads. Nothing has been done so far for these people who have been communicating with embassies such as the USA, Spain, England, Germany, and France. Another question in the minds of these people who need to leave on March 23 is that Panama Airlines will be kept until 4.30 A.M today and will not be used for 30 months. If tickets and passport arrangements are not made possible, the questions are emerging that what will these people do. On the one hand, ticket purchases are quite slow due to the very low internet and lack of telephony.

According to some government statements, they say, they will send their planes to Panama if necessary and take their citizens from there. The interesting thing is that none of the people here were positive for the Coronavirus. But governments seem to be quite insistent that getting out of here is not safe. 300 people, whose food and water needs are met, are waiting for tomorrow.

Despite all these complexities, it is experiencing the world model that we are trying to create in the Tribal Gathering event that supports a communal life. They make common meals and make music together. Life again reveals its own beauty from unexpected events. Perhaps these people and together are opening the doors of a new world.
We hope that the situation will be clarified by sharing some videos of Amir Weiss, who was among 300 people at the Tribal Gathering Panama event with you.



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