Zeamoon’s new album and more!.. (Exclusive Interview)

We had the opportunity to talk with the outstanding producer Zeamoon about his new album “Attitude Is Everything" and much more.

From Jazz to Trip Hop, you have huge musical background. How did you decide to make psychedelic trance? What is the story of Zeamoon?

I come from a musical family background. My father is an enthusiastic hobby pianist. In my mother’s family almost everyone has a connection to music or art. All my aunts and uncles either play a musical instrument or are artistically active. I learned the basics of piano playing when I was 6 years old and started playing drums at a very young age. I played in a Jazztrio for a few years and when I was 15 years old, I started to produce Hiphop Beats on Cubase. From then on it simply developed further to Psydub and finally to psytrance.

You also making mastering as sound engineer, what is the most common mistakes on productions?

Great question which I can not really answer since there is not a common mistake 😀 every piece of music I get is totally different and holds its different challenges.

Have you discovered a song that excites you while mastering?

Sure. I loved the last “Memorio” EP I mastered from “Christos Cluster

Everything is amazing in your new album “Attitude Is Everything”! When did you start the album and how long did it take to complete?

I started it around September 2018 and finished it around October 2019. So it pretty much took me around 1 year. It is the first album I created with intention which means: I did nothing else besides producing this album in my studio. Normally I just produce tracks and if I have enough the idea of an album pops up. This time was different. I set the intention to create the album and I did nothing else until I finished it. I have to say if I had more free time / studio time I could easily had made it in half the time.

What were the challenges and surprises you faced during this process?

The challenge was to really focus on the album and do nothing else until it is finished. And it was working quite well. Another challenge is how to deal with unmotivated / uncreative days. But I found the answer to this challenge. Rather than creating out of motivation or inspiration you can condition yourself to create out of routine. If you dedicate every morning 3h to produce music you start to go into a routine. And suddenly motivation / inspiration comes back through the routine 🙂 And if nothing is working today, try again tomorrow 🙂

Zeamoon - Attitude is Everything

Zeamoon’s second solo album has just arrived: “Attitude Is Everything” – the name holds its promise! It‘s Zeamoon‘s first work created with pure intention from beginning to end.

His purpose was to create a mind blowing new album connected in theme that expresses his unique musical vision – to create the perfect blend between strong and danceable offbeat tunes, deep zenonesque textures and sound atmospheres that move your ass and tickle your brain!

Download Zeamoon’s Attitude Is Everything
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If you could change anything about the Psychedelic music scene, what it would be?

Actually I‘m not a big fan of complaining. To complain doesn’t contribute in any way to a better world. But if I could change one thing about the psychedelic music scene it would be that there is more money involved. More money leads to better earning for artists which leads to more freedom to create more music 🙂 Also sometimes things could be more organized and more professional. But on the other side I LOVE the psyscene because it is so small and we are almost all connected here. I get to know so many people around the world and I just love that it is so personal.

When you are out of the studio, what do you like to do?

Right now I am completely absorbed in my family life. There is not much freetime available at the moment. If I had more freetime I would spend it in the gym, in the skatepark skateboarding and learning to play the piano to improve my musical skills. Go out for a walk with my dog.

Zeamoon Photo

Which Psy producers artists have caught your eye in recent years?

Hard to say because in recent times I have not so much time to listen to music. Most songs which are playing in my living room atm are songs for children 😀 But what I really dig is a lot from the Zenon catalogue. Grouch, Evil Oil Man, Kliment and tbh all the rest of the dudes 😀

What surprises are waiting for us in the future?

Ok I tell you the biggest surprise: I‘m just about to launch a new chillout label called „Seed of Life Music“ dedicated to positive cosmic downtempo tunes. Any chill artists readying this please get in contact with me, we are open for submissions 🙂
Besides that I focus a lot on my mastering service atm. I want to continuously work on it to improve my skills, buy better equipment and build a better studio to create and master better music. I want to dedicate more time to produce more Seamoon music and of course new Zeamoon music.

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