Spiritual, mystic and cinematic journey to the depths of Zenonesque with Pspiralife

I am very excited today because I had the opportunity to interview an artist who has inspired me for many years. I can write pages about Pspiralife and its music, but I want to start the interview without further ado.

Zenonesque fused with Full On PsyTrance elements, while also
incorporating a subtle touch of many other EDM styles, Classical,
Orchestral and Cinematic.

Your music promises much more than this definition, how did it all start? What is the story of Pspiralife’s Sound?

I guess it does, but I had to try and use as few words as possible to keep it short and sweet. It all started when after many years spent in various bands of many styles as a drummer and guitarist, that I suddenly discovered just how interesting electronic music could be. I was aware of electronic music throughout my teenage years, but it was not until my early twenties that I heard something that really impressed me. Psy Trance was what awakened me to the vast scape of possibilities.

So I began DJ-ing Full On Psy Trance. Mainly artists from Phantasm Records like Eskimo, Bliss, & also other artists such as Sirius Isness, Infected Mushroom, Azax Syndrome & Headroom.

I also sometimes did mixes of Zenonesque and Dark Progressive using tracks from artists such as Krumelur, Sensient, Bufo, Psypox & One Tasty Morsel.


Around 2007 I started trying to produce Psy Trance. I was in a very explorative mode back then. My first completed hand full of tracks ranged from 150 bpm Suomi / Hi-Tech ( Hi-Tech was relatively slow back then haha ) to Minimal, Full on Night and Dark Prog. After a couple of years, I found that my heart lied with Zenon’s influence to a large degree and by 2009 or 2010 I was finishing the first Pspiralife tracks that I was happy with and sent a demo CD to Tim Larner AKA Sensient, the owner of Zenon Records. He was happy, I was happy and in 2011 I released my first album titled “Self Similar” on Zenon Records.

The story and evolution of the sound came from many of the varied sub-genres of Psytrance, techno, dubstep etc ect and then around 2013 I became very inspired by cinematic music. My tracks ultimately turned out as hybrids and fusions of almost every style of music I’ve ever enjoyed. I just could not help myself but be influenced and inspired and therefore I somehow successfully blended Dark Progressive and full-on with all of the above genres and more.

Pspiralife in Studio
Pspiralife in Studio

What are the advantages and disadvantages of following a path different from mainstream psychedelic music?

Hmm, I guess an advantage would be that there’s more incentive to explore the unknown and try out new things. The disadvantage would probably be that you do not get paid as much.

“There’s No Fucking End” This track has literally changed my perspective on music and unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to live yet. Is there a special story of it? What effect does it make at festivals?

Wow, that is a huge compliment! This track is super weird in my opinion. So much so that I am a little surprised at how popular it is.
There is no special story, The track kind of took me on a journey and wrote itself. I just had this idea to use some quirky samples of Jazz instruments and cartoon samples in an attempt to evoke a really twisted, psychedelic mood. The dialogue sample of Joe Rogan was very fitting with my view of the mind, the universe and infinity so it felt right to throw it in there before the drop.

We know you’ve been teaching music along with all of your work, how is it going? Is there someone who can make you particularly excited?

Pspiralife and Cool Cat 🙂

I have just begun teaching in the past 6 months since I quit performing and touring. It has been surprisingly rewarding. It really lifts my mood when I know that a student is really happy with the information I share with them personally. The personal, one on one interaction is amazingly satisfying.

At times I feel it is even more satisfying than performing to thousands of people. I am really happy when I am in the studio, so it has not been so bad at all since stopping live performance.


What was the most important moment in your music career?


The first moment that comes to mind would be when there was a Zenon Records session on the main stage at Universo Paralello Festival, Brazil. It was at a peak time during the festival, and I was part of an amazing session that included Electrypnose, Merkaba, Ryanosaurus, and Pspiralife. It really was a huge and memorable moment. Also, playing the Main stage at Boom Festival 2014 was unforgettable!

Probably the most defining moment was when I was studying Classical music theory at university. Because without that I would not have been able to write the melodies that are a large part of the Pspiralife style.

If you could change anything about the Psychedelic music scene, what would it be?

I would like to see festivals go back to having just one dancefloor so that everyone goes on the same, well-programmed journey of music.
Starting with Ambient, going through House, Techno, Progressive, Dark Prog, Full On, Twilight, Forest, Dark Psy, Hi-Tech, and back down through Forest, Psytrance, Morning psy, Day-time Zenonesque, Techno, House, Minimal, Bass music, Chillout, ambient and finish.

Pspiralife and :))
Pspiralife and :))

When you are out of the studio, what do you like to do?

I like to get some nature & go bushwalking, meditation, jamming on guitars, woodworking & spending quality, one on one time with people that are important to me.



Which Psy producer artists have caught your eye in recent years?

The most impressive artists in recent years to me are Talpa, Mystical Complex, Tersius. Noctillus, Nokturnal & ETN

What surprises are waiting for us in the future?

Now that I am not going on tour to perform, I have a lot more time to be creative. So I am using that time to produce more Pspiralife music of a higher quality than ever before. There is a series of Collaboration EP’s due for release soon.

I also have plans to create occasional music videos to go with some of my releases and I will continue to teach music production via online one on one tutorials. I also want to expand the range of content and services that I provide on my Patreon page. And I am dedicating a lot of time to exploring new sound design techniques to realize my new goal of unleashing an immediately recognizable Australian style Forest project, along with an Australian Forest record label.

If those of you that are reading this are interested in personalized music production tuition, services for producers, or simply want to keep up to date with my activities, please go to www.patreon.com/pspiralife or email me directly at pspiralife@gmail.com
Thanks very much, Psy Jungle, for this opportunity to be interviewed. I really enjoyed answering the questions 🙂

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Cover photo by Amir Weiss

Interviewed by Okan Çalışkan 2019


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