Menog – Party Animal Farm – Nano Records (Review)

It was a pretty normal day, and I suddenly discovered Menog’s Party Animal Farm. This album is beyond any sentence I can pass on you. This is not just an album but also a representation of psychedelic music evolution!

MENOG is known for producing energetic, complex psychedelic tracks, featuring epic time and space effects and now he delivers his most anticipated piece of work yet, ‘Party Animal Farm’.

When did you start the album and how long did it take to complete?

I started the album last year… But only made 2 tracks, this year I built a new studio and it inspired me to produce the rest of it and invite a few friends over to make some collaborations.

How was the process, could you tell us the story of Party Animal Farm?

Inspiration came from a new chapter in my life, me and my wife bought a house in the mountains with land and trees, perfectly quiet from the outside world, we had a son, and we have lots of animals, and we do love nature and I wanted to promote the unity of animals and humans, after all, psytrance promotes everyone beeing one, and I think its a very important message considering our times, and we do party, does the name make sense to you now? 😉

Released by Nano Records

Download Menog – Party Animal Farm – Nano Records

Official Press Release

Portuguese maestro MENOG produces under many musical guises to expand his artistic horizons, but it is as MENOG that we first met him, and it as MENOG that he now brings us his most magnificent work yet, ‘Party Animal Farm’! A true master of hard hitting grooves and snarling psychedelic leads, the MENOG sound has matured like a fine wine thanks to all the varied musical influences and excursions he continues to pursue on one side and on the other side; by him finding and marrying the love of his life, starting a family with the arrival of their son, having his life filled with animals, and creating one of the best studios in Portugal in his beautiful new countryside home! With all these mammoth changes in his life MENOG has found time to write a huge album that is filled with the the classic MENOG energy, plus that of an artist with new found inspiration and joy! He has composed an album that effortlessly slips between uplifting and powerful to pounding and edgy, as much covering peak daytime moments as peak nighttime moments, creating a pure example of perfect balance both energetically and sonically. Not only has he written some next level solo tracks, filled with mind-flipping detail, but he has also collaborated with Madd Maxx, Sonic Species and KIN, plus he has included a powerful remix of a Tristan & Mandala’s classic ‘Mimosa Dosa’, adding even more flare to this already classy collection of anthems! Get ready for wild times at the Party Animal Farm!

Take a closer look to Menog

Menog is Daniel Bernardo, a world renowned psychedelic trance artist from Coimbra, Portugal.
A musician almost since birth, his musical career began playing guitar then drums in his early 90s metal band.
His introduction and interest for electronic music started in 1995 with the techno scene in Portugal, in 1997 he attended his first Trance event, and after Boom Festival 1998 made a decision to create this type of music.
Four years later, in 2002, Dani released his first album “Natural Behaviour” under the name Menog on the label Starsounds Rec. from Greece.

Menog has released five albums, and has tracks on many compilations. His music appears on compilations from labels such as Nano,Nutek, 3Division, Shiva Space Tech, Phantasm , SpaceTribe Music, Digital Psionics, Acidance, Timecode, Nexus Media, Planet Ben, Fungi rec , Noize Conspiracy, Hadra, and Spectral Records of course!

His 5th album “Party Animal Farm” , includes a remix from Tristan & Mandala and 2 collaborations, one with with Mad Max, and another with Sonic Species and Kin, is out now on Nano Records.

Menog performs his music worldwide through his emotional and enthusiastic live appearances.

Emotions are what he wants to transmit to people when playing live, on stage.
His music is a story with a beginning, middle and ending.
His tracks are made with a single purpose… to make people DANCE!!

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