Hybrid Psytrance and more with CeZZers! (Exclusive Interview)

We had a special interview with CeZZers, who fascinated everyone with their unique and extraordinary works ... Click the special CeZZers mix before read 🙂

How did you discovered psychedelic music?

Arye: Well… I think Pink Floyd was the first psychedelic band i ever listen to.
already at the age of 15, my big brother exposed me to them.
But if we are talking about Psytrance…
To be honest I found psychedelic trance music at the age of 17, Completly by “accident”. I was deep into the Israeli Hip Hop scene at that time i used to make Hip Hop beats for local rappers and was a professional breakdancer.
Me and my breakdance crew had a video shooting session for one of the popular TV channels in Israel,
at that session I broke my hand, one week before i had to fly to a breakdancing competition in Austria.
i couldn’t fly because of that broken hand.
I was so pissed and down… around that time my neighborhood friends started listening to Psytrance. i still wasn’t so much into it. So one friday, two weeks after I broke my hand, one friend suggested
we should go to a psytrance party in the north of Israel, so we went.

I was still with the broken hand, dressed like a rapper with a baggie jeans and all that shit totally unfit to the occasion Lol. we arrived at a party on the top of a beautiful green mountain, with a beautiful deco and big ass sound system and everybody looked so colorful and cool like they came back from India. it was so surreal and different from any party I’ve seen at that time.
then I did my first acid hit and went in the dancefloor I started to dance, was dancing for 7 hours straight. I felt that happiness you feel when you find something new and exciting, and immediately i fell in love with it.
U-Recken came to play at that party, at that time he was already Huge.
I will never forget he’s set. it was so good that This was the set that I told myself “Ok… This is where I belong, This is what I want to do”.
And the day after I went back home and started to listen to every psytrance track I can find.

Ran: My first encounter with Psychedelic Music was around 2008 when I moved back to Israel after living most of my childhood in the United States & Europe. Before moving to Israel i was not exposed almost at all to Psychedelic Music, my music of choice was Metalcore, Hip-Hop & Reagge mostly and Electronic Music was not something that spoke to me. As soon as I moved back to Israel my local friends showed me what a true nature rave looks and feels like and to me, this was the best way to be exposed to the Psychedelic Music Scene.
There was a very specific energy at these gatherings and in time we found ourselves going to more and more and falling in love with everything about it, from the crowd to the music and the endless amounts of energy in the dancefloors, we were hooked.
I am sure that experiencing this style of Music for the first time at a party had a much stronger impact on me rather than listening to it for the first time at Home. Psychedelic Music is something that needs to be felt and not just heard.

How did the project CeZZers start?

Arye : So… After that mind-changing experience at my first Psy party. like is said…
I spent the day after listening to every psytrance track I can find, enjoying that magical new sound I just found. After this first-party me and my friends went almost
every Friday to another party. we are talking about 2007, at that time the Israeli psytrance scene
was way more underground then now. it wasn’t so easy back then to find a party. it went from
ear to ear, no Facebook. small underground parties, in my area it was
Mainly Darkpsy and South Africa Twilight Psy.
After some time i stopped with Hip Hop and Breakdancing and got more and more into the Psychedelic culture.
One day I decided to try to make my own Psytrance.
I opened my DAW, it was “Reason” at that time. I made my first bass line
and since then it was history.

One year later at the age of 18, I joined the Army for 3 years like every Israeli must.
And it turned me down a little bit… Music-wise… because I knew I would be away from home
and cant make this new exciting thing i just found out that called psytrance.
So after one year serving the army, at the age of 19. New guy came to my military base
the commanders put hem with me on the room. we started to talk and I found out he also makes psytrance
and he already was touring around the world with his music. He’s project name was “Analyzer”
back then. So he was a pro psytrance producer already.
Damn… For me it was like the most crazy, fucked up Synchronization ever. Straight up from God.
So this guy was living close to that military base in the Desert,
One day he decided to bring he’s old Behringer monitors and a sound card to the
military room and I bought a laptop and we opened a “Studio” on the
military base room. so I continued making music when I was in the Army And was sitting
with this guy and learned a lot about psytrance production.

Before the Army at the age of 17, not long after I started to go out to psytrance raves
I met my partner in crime Ran. He was born in Israel but later on, his family moved to Holland and then to
New York because of his father’s work. Then they decided moving back to Israel again.
I met Ran through he’s cousin. he’s cousin was (and still is) one of my best freinds and
one from the crew of friends i used to go to Psy parties with.
When Ran moved back to Israel he started hanging out with us and basically he was raped (with a smile)
into the Psytrance scene too. Like he said… It was something that was also very new to hem, especially
for a guy that comes from New York and never heard Psytrance before. He was falling in love with it
straight away. Later on, we found out that we have a lot in common. He also had this New York
Hip Hop background like I had. and also made music and performed and played guitar
with Metal bands. So we became best friends right away.
I heard hem playing the guitar for the first time at he’s basement and he blew my mind with his playing attitude.
That day I knew we will gonna make music together one day.

After I finished my army service. I decided to take music more seriously.
I saved money bought some gear, then I asked Ran to come make one track with me
with his guitar. we made a couple of tracks together and that’s it.
CeZZers was born.

You guys are known for the style "Hybrid Psytrance" which you invented, How it came to life?

Arye: It started from a beautiful festival called “Groove Attack” at Israel.
it was at 2010 i think, Progressive psytrance was the main thing in Israel at that time.
We went as ravers and the line up was so good that we couldn’t go out of the dancefloor.
at some point, Tetrameth played. we were looking forward to he’s set for so much time.
the set was amazing and so different from all the psytrance Israeli approach we used to listen back then.
it was more Artistic and full of vibe and less “in your face”.
Tetrameth took us to a deep mind-opening experience with that set.
after Tetrameth’s set, Rocky came up and played a Banging, big ass sound Progressive set.
and that was a perfect moment to hear that difference
between that artistic deep approach of Tetrameth and That groundbreaking beats Rocky played.
at that moment I had a vision ! … I thought to myself what if we take that artistic Australian approach
and combine it with that Israeli “In your face”, pumping type of beats.
So that’s what we basically did. its took us some time to shape a form for this
but basically, that’s how Hybrid came to life.

Ran: Later on, because of our diverse and always changing taste of music….
we realized that we are really into mixing and combining between different sub-genres
of Psytrance so we started to combine between every sub-genres we can.
most of the time that fusions don’t really happen by intention, I think its more because
we love to hear so many different types of music, so when we create we spill all what
has gathered in our minds into our tunes and.in the creating sessions we rarely say things like…
“Ohhh no we can’t use this, this is too goa” or “Too Dark” or “Too Progressive” and so on…
We just keep it as it is if it sounds good to us.

What is the most memorable moment you've experienced while performing?

Ran: Wow there is a lot… One of them I will never forget… LOL.
It was on Psytribe Festival in San Diego, California. it was Halloween Festival with amazing Halloween decoration & beautiful crowd.
Because it was Halloween we thought we should do something funny and playful in our set. So i don’t remember exactly how but we came out with the idea to put a part from the movie Borat. The part that he sings Kazahstans national anthem on U.S.A national anthem.
we had second doubts about it, we didn’t know how people will react to this LOL.
so eventually we played a part of that anthem in the middle of our set. at first, people looked at us weird and me and Arye looked at each other with a look that says “ok maybe that wasn’t such a good idea” but then
after a few moments when the crowd recognized that part from Boart, almost everybody on the dancefloor just laughed their ass off.
3500 people just cracking out in the dancefloor. that was epic.

What is your process for creating new music and what is important for you when you make music?

Ran: Well… it depends. we don’t have one process.
It can start from just making a solid kick and bass and then play around from there.
It can also come from track we’ve heard that really inspired us and sent us straight to the studio.
Usually, we love it when it comes from some vocal we heard. when it starts from a vocal we know already pretty much how the vibe of the track will be and how the track will sound like.

Our working space is very important to us, all of our studios was colorful with crazy colors on the walls
and cool deco. we just cant sit in a white room and produce, it’s boring.
Colors and visuals are energy, its important for us to suck in that creative energy from our working environment so we can be the most creative we can.

Arye: And for me in person it also very important to be in good creative energy to produce, and listen to what my inner self wants now at this moment, and not just create like a machine…
I don’t believe in that…
for me, music is a deep spiritual experience. (even if it’s not a track with a spiritual vocal. LOLl;) )
It’s not just technical work.
my soul needs to be at the right place to do music.
We all have those days that we feel drained out of energy and don’t have the will to create.
Usually, at those days my soul doesn’t feel like producing i don’t even try to go to the studio anymore.

I believe we all have that Creative energy bank in us, and when we create, this energy bank gets empty slowly,
at some point we run out of that energy. so we have to fill it up again by doing other things like resting, going out to the nature, meditating, seeing friends, making love,
reading books, watching Netflix, playing videogames… or whatever makes you feel good and fills you.
We can’t just get empty… we have to fill up too.
So I think listening to yourself and try to be connected to yourself is one of the most important things in
the music processes. not less important than techniques.

What music did you grow up with, do you feel any of it has influenced your current work?

Arye: Well at my early days. my parents use to play a lot of music at the house and in the car.
from Beatles and 70’s rock, to French, Greek, Arabic, Morrocan music. A lot of Native American music too. my father used to constantly listen to Oliver Shanti.
Then, later on, I got most of my music straight up from my big brother.
He used to play at the house Israeli Rap, Prodigy, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Depeche Mode
Then he moved to Los Angeles for some time and came back with a lot of Hip Hop CDs. From 2pac to Dr.Dre, Snoop, The Fugges To Eminem and so on… from then I got crazy about Hip Hop. Used to dig all the day for more and more cool Rap tunes and artists.
at some point when I grew up a little bit I got tired of that mainstream MTV late 90’s Hip Hop sound.
then I started to listen more to the Underground and more authentic Kind of Hip Hop and fell in love with that beats.
Artists like Cuninlynguists, Dj Premier & The Guru, Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called a Quest, Mos Def, Nas, Rakim, E.P.M.D, Del, J.Dilla, Atomsphiere, Afu-Ra M.F Doom, Masta Ace, Canibus, Dilated Peoples, Old Eminem and many many more…
Later on, I started Breakdancing so we used to Dance on a lot to Funk Music. Man… I freakin love Funk music! 😉
At some point, I even got deep into the Metal scene and played Keyboards and Vocals in a death metal bands.

But I think the most important thing for me as a listener was that shift from The mainstream MTV Hip Hop to the underground more authentic real Hip Hop sound.
It was the first time I realized that I am naturally more attracted to Authenticity,
Deepness and creativity than to commercial & cheezy sound that the industry tries to sell to the masses.
Basically, it showed me that I am more about the “Underground”, Unique sounds, and its something that affects our music 100%.
Me and Ran both at that same mentality, that’s one of the reasons why we connected easily.
When we make music we naturally trying to avoid using to same sounds that we hear often on tracks. well…
some times we use them if it sounds good and if it fits, we try to be open-minded about anything and trying not to be 100% Fanatic, as long it feels and good we will use it.
But most of the time we are naturally attracted to unique and original sounds that we’ve never heard.
Also, it makes us go to the most unique equipment, Plug-ins and Vst’s that most of the artists don’t use in psytrance.

Ran: I grew up listening to a very large variety of Music when I first started playing guitar at the age of 12 the Classic Rock Gods were on the top of my playlists, weather it was Jimi Hendrix, Santana, or bands like Led Zepplin or ACDC. Over time I was exposed to new breeds of Rock and bands like Rage Against the Machine, & Nirvana started having a Huge Impact on the way I played guitar and style that was beginning to take place in my playing. I noticed that one of the things that spoke to me the most was the combinations of different musical styles into one. To me this was the ultimate experience for a listener, to be able to taste two or more different musical worlds in one piece of music and to feel them come together. One of my favorite combinations was between Rock and Rap that bands like
RUN DMC, Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys did so well that it blew my mind every time I listened to them. I feel that this has had a
permanent impact on the way we approach our work today, as a result of finding so many different sources of inspiration in so many different styles of Music subconsciously it is incorporated into the work today and it is part of the style that has developed in time.

What Music Do You Listen and take Influence from This days?

Arye: These days when it comes to psytrance we take alot of inspiration from pure psychedelic sounds.
we listen allot to Forest Psytrance & Dark Psy Like Ajja, Kabayun, Electrypnose, Pantomiman, Flooting Grooves, Dust
Parasense, Drip Drop and more and more. To me, that kind of artists brings the most unique Psy sound content.
But If we are talking about the overall approach, Groove, and Innovative beats. we take a lot of inspiration from Grouch, Merkaba, Sensient
, Modus, Freedom Fighters, Dekel, Gorovich, Captain Hook, Pixel, Loud and more.

Lately, i find myself Most of the days I listen more to downtempo beats like Symbolico… This guy is sick!
Go immediately hear he’s new album.
And artists like Kaya Project, Boards Of Canada, Mr.Bill, Electrocado, Bluetech, Plaid, Shulman, Tipper, Kalya Scintilla,
Grouch in Dub, Eitan Reiter, OTT, Ozric Tentacles, Ishq, Telefon Tel Aviv. And many more…

Also, I’ve been always listening to Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, Stoner Rock, and Metal music.
bands like Rage Against The Machine, Betzefer, Tool, Staind, Dub trio, Stoned Jesus, The Spacelords, Camel
Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors Jimmi Hendrix, Jennis Joplin, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Mad Season
And many many more…

And this last year I got a little bit back to my roots I listen a lot to Chillhop, JazzHop music.
Its kind of a Jazzy, Deep Hip Hop beats without any rapping on it, just instruments playing. Love it!

Ran: These days my Music Library is just as diverse as ever, if not more. I find myself listening to a large range of ambient through the trip-hop and uptempo nu skool beats. Producers like Tipper & Bonobo are frequently played when I am driving or just as background music for certain occasions. Also, I am more and more drawn to new Psychedelic Rock acts that infuse the
Rock elements with new organic electronic elements. Bands like Tatran, & Dub Trio have a huge influence on my music today.
I make it a point to follow as much of whats going on in the Psytrance scene as possible, these days I feel that the Psychedelic
Forest Genre has lots of impact on the way we create our Music today.

Which Psytrance artists have caught your eyes in recent years?

Arye: This days one of the artists that I really admire his work is Freedom Fighters
I really dig what he’s doing. He’s taking inspirations from so many genres and put it to one
with a big ass HD polished sound and in an artistic non-commercial way and still manage to conquer every dancefloor.

Modus too is sick. he just signed at Stereo Society records and becoming a big star and for a good reason.
he came out with I think the biggest sound this day. Amazing futuristic beats.
Don’t know what this guy eats but cant wait to see what he’s gonna bring next 😉

Also Symbolico. Every time i hear a new track of hem am falling off my chair.
The music is smart, fun, big and fresh. He came with something new and kind of opened a new door
to the Israeli psy producers with he’s Dubby, Glitchy Approach. It wasn’t such a big deal here before he came.

From the newcomers, I really like Venom. I just heard he’s new music recently and it’s hot!
I like it when someone comes and doesn’t afraid to say something different. Way to go.

Ran: Recently there are a few artists that have caught my eyes and ears and I feel came at the perfect time when the scene needed some fresh blood and new ideas.
Grouch and his music have had a huge effect on our Music, from the early releases and until this day. With a very rich low end and unique approach to Bass Lines, I feel Grouch has created a style of his own that no one can recreate and that gives Psytrance a new branch within the Genre.

Pantomiman is another producer that I hold in very high regard, in terms of psychedelic elements and maintaining a fluid groove throughout the entire piece of music, few can do it as well as him.

Dekel is another project that I feel has come at the right time, like a breath of fresh air, with a unique and very high
a quality approach to sound and concept.

If you could change anything about the psychedelic music scene, what it would be?

Arye: Well… there is not a lot of things we would change, we love it the way it is.
but there is one thing that comes to my mind…
i don’t know if those issues are facts but it’s just the way I see it…
it goes to some of the crowd and listeners, I feel that sometimes, some people get caught up in fanatic music taste frames without noticing.
I’ve seen it a lot in the past and I see it also now… iam talking about when people take one or couple of psy genres and embrace it like its their own genre. like this is what defines them. choosing it like a football team fans and saying to themselves “that’s it. this is my genre, and its the best, and everything else is not as good as this one” I mean.. yeah ok… I know its a matter of taste… but come on… every genre is fucking beautiful. if the mind is open, the mind can enjoy the good stuff out of any genre. after all its all just energy in the form of sound waves.
I wish that some people were more open-minded.

What surprises and projects are waiting for us over the coming months?

Ran: Wow… allot. more then i can tell.
First, we are planning to make some collaborations with some interesting artists.
Collaborations are something we didn’t do almost at all till now. we wanted first to feel good with our sound,
To find our sound signature before we go and collaborate. so now its time for that I think.

Also these days we are working hard to finish our first PsyBass tracks.
Glitch-Hop and PsyDub.
that experience of working on that style is damn exciting.
with our sounds design approach we bring from our psytrance, and from our Hip Hop background
it feels very natural to us do PsyBass music.
we love it!

Arye : And also I hope to finish some new tracks for my solo Hi-Tech project “Intelligent Nonsense
If you didn’t hear it, check it out!  

And…. two years ago we started a project that recently got the name of “Odeya”.
the project is based on Live Looping.
We play and record everything Live to a looper with the help of Ableton.
Me and Ran both are musicians, I play Keyboards and he plays Guitar and we both also know how to play on more instruments.
So we had a real need that came from inside to put out our musical side and let more feelings out.
this project so far its a mixture of Hip Hop, Neosoul, Jazz, Psybient, Rock, Ethnic and mmm… i don’t know… Again…
no boundaries on this one let’s see where it will get us I hope this year we will film more videos from that project

Check out the videos we did so far: Odeya

Anything you would like to say to young producers out there?

Arye: First of all before you are musicians you are human beings.
try your best to be kind and loving… to yourself and others.
that’s the most important thing we can do as human beings i think.
Don’t give up. consistency it whats separates between people who make it and this who don’t.
no matter how much time it takes… for someone it can take 3 years and for another 15 years.
it doesn’t matter. don’t look at others. everyone has its own journey and if you think, feel and know
music is your journey. just don’t give up on it.
but as long you in this journey. Love yourself. it’s important for your music.
Great things come out of love.

Listen and explore your inner-self. like I said before… music is a deep spiritual experience.
Awareness developing is so important to your art. developing your awareness and knowledge of self
is important as developing your kick, bass.
understanding better your inner world and your mind usually makes you be in a better place with yourself.
it usually makes your overall feelings and mindset better.
from my experience over the years… when you in a better place with yourself, you make better music
and the energy impact that comes with that music is stronger.
and when it comes to creation…BE YOURSELF.
remember you are just a drop in an ocean of artists… It’s ok to take inspirations from other artists,
matter of fact we all do that. But I think that most of the great artists are people who brought something
new to the table, people who had something different to say. people who made things differently
than others, and expressed their own personal character in their music.
it doesn’t matter if its mainstream music or underground music.
I think it’s better to bring some character to your art if you want it to be epic.
that’s the way I see it 🙂

Thank you very much Psy Jungle for having us.
Peace, Love & Unity to all the people all over the world,
may we all live as one 🙂

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