Higher Dimensional Productions with Hypnoise (Exclusive Interview)

We had the opportunity to have a special interview with Hypnoise, who invited us to high dimensions with his outstanding works ...

How was Hypnoise born, and what was the story behind it?

Hypnoise was born when I move back to Madrid and I stopped with my older project ‘Delysid’. I decide to move on from there and create a different psychedelic story… In the beginning of it I was just experimenting with new sounds and arrangements, then I started to produce with a very good old friend and studio sessions were so smooth that we decide to create a project. we were 2 in the beginning, me and Jaime (aka Sensescape) till around 2014-2015 when for different reasons we decide to split. I run the project by myself since then.

How did you discovered psychedelic music and how did you decide to make?

it was back in 1999, I was already djing techno, when life bring me psytrance through 2 Brazilian friends. First I was so impressed of the quality and vibe of the music that I got totally immerse, solid my vinyls and got a pair of cdj to start playing that awesome music 😊. It took me only about a few months when I decide I want to make this music… and here we are 20 years after and still loving it as the first day.


What is your most memorable moment you’ve experienced while performing?

There is so many moments while playing but the first that come to my mind was when someone come to me during my set and gave me a note saying they were deaf and they were having the best time with the vibration of my Music.

What is the biggest struggle for you as a music producer?

Surviving hehehe I am lucky that I can actually live from the music, but I have to admit that it was a long path and not an easy one.

Which Psytrance artists have caught your eye in recent years?

Nowadays is so many new artists, I run with Zac aka Neutron our label Maharetta Records, and we got lots of demos and good stuff, so if you check our roster you will see who is catching our eyes 😊
MoRsei, Blot, Duke ang gonzo, fiction etc etc… killer stuff 😊

What surprises and projects are waiting for us over the coming months?

Nowadays and for the near future I’m hard working on my side project StarSeed… as well as with Chacruna (collab project with Dani aka Ital).
So I plan to make a couple of albums from that…
And also working in many Hypnoise collaborations with Pogo, Shivatree, Imaginarium etc etc… many new stuff coming 😊

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