Behind the magic of festival photography with Transformational Eye (Amir Weiss) ∣ Interview

Transformational Eye (Amir Weiss), one of the most known festival photographers. We are so excited to interview one of the most inspiring photographer of the transformational festivals. So let’s begin!

You’ve been a festival photographer for 8 years, how did it all start?

Transformational Eye: I was doing modeling and lighting shots in Israel when a big economic protest began for a few months, i took on myself to document it and it got me to see alternatives communities who try to live differently.

This triggered me to start traveling, see less of the familiar Israel i didn’t connect to the culture and more of the world, 6 month travel to New Zealand and Australia. My first stop was New Zealand where i found a flyer about the Luminate festival and decided to try it.

It was my transformational event where alternative culture and music comes together, helping and guiding. I took plenty of average photos there but the crew liked it, i did the same ever since.

What’s the secret to taking such special pictures?

Transformational Eye: My knowledge of technology and my obsession of human interaction and a lot of practice.

What was the most interesting moment you ever lived and photographed at a festival?

Transformational Eye: Hard to choose moments though today its a routine, back then one of them was Boom 2014, a huge event that got me struggling with my own needs but found so many magical moments. Unfortunately, half of those photos were lost after the event and i was devastated.

What are the most difficult aspects of festival photography?

Transformational Eye: Being appreciated not only by the creation but by the profession. Many think we have easy time but its a lot of work and we dont party like normal festival goers.

• Sponsored – Being always on the move and being paid nothing sometimes is frustrating.
• Editing and organizing thousands of photos per event.

Apart from photography, you have great projects! Can you tell us about the Psychedelic Beings and The Goddesses Project?

Transformational Eye: Sure, the psychedelic being is an old project i might start again. It is based on humans of new york and it’s bringing the story of individuals or groups of psychedelic festival hoppers.

The goddesses project is natural undirected shots of psychedelic goddesses to create an awareness in themselves and the viewer.
Another self project is kind of a therapy through photography, from my learning of human behaviour i can work with people on their reflections.

Big Summit Prairie by Transformational Eye

What do you think about psychedelic festivals in general?

Transformational Eye: I have mixed feeling now, it is less black and white when it used to be new, between the money making and the capitalist marketing trends, it effects newcomers and on goers evolution and perspective. Its the bridge between the normal experience and the optional self releasing. Elevating creativity and loosing society boundaries.

We also know that you documenting yoga retreats and photography while traveling around the world, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Transformational Eye: I try to follow alternative communities centers around the world like in Thailand, India, Central America and so.

When European season finish lots of travelers goes to those centers to relax, work and learn new skills. I follow to document for them.
The retreats, hostels, yoga practice and so on.

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