Ancient dance of color, light and breath with Bodylight Connectik’Art

Body painting art is one of the oldest known art forms. Today, the combination of art and technology has brought body painting to a fascinating level. Bodylight Connectik’Art is a wonderful formation that continues this ancient art, let’s get to know them a little.

First of all, let’s get to know you, how did it all start, could you tell us your story?

Sita Vilaça: I am a professional make-up artist and dancer and in May 2018, I created my first fluorescent body painting. The photos generated such a craze on social networks that I decided, with the help of my best comedian friend, Marie Tourte, to create the Company.
We are 2 inseparable artists who have no less than 15 years of experience in the world of performing arts on a national and international scale.
Very quickly, we are propelled on French festivals of international fame and we chain the dates throughout France.
In September 2018, we created the “Mafia Cosmik.” This collective is currently composed of about forty people who combine their skills in the service of the same project.

You are a very crowded team, how do you do the distribution of tasks between you?

Sita Vilaça: We are 3 artists to work from 50 to 70 hours per week for the artistic, booking, community management, scenography…
The other members of the collective work punctually on specific requests according to their availability (web manager, graphic designers, photographers, video maker, developers, performers, DJ, V-Jay)
Recently, several booking agencies have contacted us, which will considerably reduce our workload.

In which fields do you work? (festival, music clips, photography)

Sita Vilaça: Our fields of action can be very varied because we adapt to all audiences.
We have a lot of success in festivals because it is a very receptive audience but we have recently started performing in the corporate world in private parties, night carnivals, big clubs…
We had proposals to work on music video clips but the projects did not convince us. We therefore expect to be really seduced by an artist.
We collaborate with many photographers because I must admit that our creatures are very photogenic 😂
Our star photographer has a crazy talent: Korrosive Photography

I’m sure you get a lot of interesting reactions at the festivals. Can you share your most memorable story with us?

Sita Vilaça: Our best experience was a performance on Saturday evening at the Hadra 2019 festival.
While we were immersed in the very dense audience on the festival’s main stage, hundreds of people opened a corridor, a path, as if to protect us and give us a space of expression. We were greeted by loud applause and they showed us their gratitude. We really had the feeling that the 8 creatures present that evening were a gift for them… unforgettable!

Can you tell us about your ongoing projects now?

Sita Vilaça: “2888” is a concept that highlights fluo body painting, staged in a universe that combines decoration, V-jaying and mental cinema, aerial dance, flowart, theatre, light painting and music.
We have a story to tell, a scenario that will really be revealed at the end of 2021.

In a global context of uncertainty about our model of society, the primary intention is to convey a positive message about the future.

We would like to create a performance space that is also a living decor with sublime lighting and a giant plexiglass laboratory that diffuses light (giant test tubes, screens, organic pluggable machines…) We discover two worlds face to face, two worlds that coexist, two cooperative tribes.

Kold’s world, a world of post-apocalyptic science fiction, cyberpunk, which has not managed to escape the chaos created by man’s vices, pollution, exacerbated materialism. In this world that has the scorpion as a totem animal, nature has disappeared. The characters keep a sanctuary of radioactive waste and are in search of light to maintain the fragile balance they have left.
Smoke, kerosene, fireworks, gas masks and radioactive products make up their landscape.

In contrast, the world of Krystal: Ethnic, magnificent and timeless, shamanic and hyper evolved creatures.
They evolve in a luminous universe that has preserved harmony, beauty, nature and life.

A healing world in which scalar waves, the waves of the sun, in the form of DNA, nourish and heal its inhabitants.
A giant laboratory of researchers, energy experts, specialists in fluid mechanics and subtle energies.
A futuristic world in which people plug themselves into to recharge and align their shakras.
They have managed to preserve in this laboratory samples of nature, landscapes and beauties from the ancient world.
We see very high-tech machines that serve man instead of enslaving him. A transparent, crystalline world with the jellyfish as its totem animal, luminous and mysterious.

So, in 2888, after the nuclear accident, the populations were reconstituted into two highly cooperative tribes.
The survivors mutated and developed the organic power to be illuminated from within.
The creatures of 2888 are magnificent, timeless, sacred cyber creatures. Their bodies shine with ethnic-futurist symbols, sacred geometry, totem animals… and also bear the memories of an eventful past.

We work with cineast and writers to tell our story with the mental cinema which is a technic that uses silent cinema, punctuated by the graphic pulsations of V-Jaying. This work is absolutely unpublished.

Who are your creatures?

Kold’s World:
Kristal’s World:

Each of them has its own psychology and a well-defined role in the organization of their cooperative system.
During our performances, mental cinema manipulates images and forms and music envelops the space with bewitching frequencies.
Creatures embody them, humanize them and evoke shared emotions for a multisensory experience.
During our shows, you will see that our creatures are specialists in the mechanics of movement (dance and aerial dance, body expression) and the manipulation of objects (flowart): levitation stick, buugengs, holographic fan, pixel-poï and more…)
Through their ancestral powers, our creatures are sensitive and powerful, mysterious and generous in their contact with the audience.

Photo Credits:

-Korrosive Photography
-Damien Fayet
-Twenty Cent Light
-Clément Douillet
-Eddy Lamazzi Arts Visuels
-Frodo Alvarez DLK
-Foto Atom
-Vj Aurel
-O’rizontal Production

If you like to see more crazy works from Bodylight Connectik’Art don’t forget to follow them on social media:

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