A short journey into the world of psychedelic decoration with Mae & Moa

We have had a short interview with Mae & Moa, who has created fascinating psychedelic decoration works since 1991.

How is Mae & Moa born? I believe it has a very interesting story.

Hello, We first like to introduce ourself, Mae & Moa is Jerome from France and Mel from Germany. We met in Cologne/Germany in 2002 – naturally, at a party! While the team Mae&Moa was originally formed in 1991 by Jerome and Flo, Flo at one point left the team and Jerome continued by himself until Mel came into the project.
Jerome has a classical art education while Mel has worked in all sorts of jobs around the world, learning a wide variety of skills in arts and crafts along the way. Mae&Moa worked for TV productions, cinema and theatre productions while becoming more and more involved with the psytrance scene. Around 1991, the team started decorating parties and
festivals (many organized by our friends), introducing UV decoration to psytrance parties and festivals all over Europe. The idea behind it was to create uniquely themed atmospheres for each party and create psychedelic worlds via big scale UV paintings as well as sculptures.

What is the most important part of psychedelic decorations or what makes decoration “psychedelic”?

That is a trick question, it is probably different for everybody.
For us its a combination of colour& design, setting it up, sculpting and mostly how it makes us and people feel.
In the psychedelic world, there is no rules, everything is allowed and imagination is endless.
The scene is open for all sorts of styles, just look at all the different kinds of decorations that have been explored and installed all over the world. This openness and curiosity is one of the wonderful things about the psytrance scene and the psychedelic world.

Is it very difficult to decorate a Psytrance event? What are the easy and difficult parts?

It all starts with planing it good. It depends on indoor or outdoor. Festivals of course are much more difficult , there is the structure and stability to be taken care of. The weather is another big point, you can never say what will happen, everything
is possible! From heavy rain, wind and thunderstorms to heat with too much sun 🙂
All this things can affect how hard or easy a set up can be. And of course it depends on how professional the organisation of the event is, If they know how to to their job, provide us with everything thats asked for, it makes it all
easier for us.


What kind of things you use for to decorate?

For our canopys we are working with recycled stretch fabric (Lycra) and airbrush it with acrylic colours.
We are trying to avoid any plastic and use mostly wood for our stages. In technology we are doing our own self build led installations.


Where do you get inspiration for new ideas?

There are so many ways to draw inspiration from! Travelling for sure is one of them.
Also, there are a lot of great sci-fi movies and comics which can serve as inspiration. For
us, it’s all about taking inspiration from whatever you find and wherever you find it,
digesting it and then creating your very own visions.

If you could change anything about the psychedelic trance scene, what it would be?

The scene is changing a lot. We don’t see it as a bad thing, though, it’s just different. There are all kinds of people interested in trance and psychedelic music now, it is no longer an underground scene.
Some people miss this sense of belonging to a subculture, but we don’t see the sense in wishing for the past to return. The psytrance scene is a living thing, so it has to change and evolve! Also, it is still very different to any other scene, even if a part of it feels almost like pop-culture. There are still those places and festivals where you can find the sort of hippy spirit in which it all started. And especially this scene is (or should be) open enough to give room for everybody who wants to be part of it, to help understanding and unifying people instead of breaking them up in sub-scenes.
So no, we would not want to change anything.

What surprises and projects waiting for us over the coming year?

We are having a lot of big projects coming up.
Right now we are working on a Pandora world, inspired by Avatar. There will be 3 new massive floor projects coming up this season, with different themes. We are also preparing one of the biggest set up ever be done.
This coming year we will create a 80 meters diameter dance floor. Apart from Goa trance we are also working with other kind of Music Festival where we design the MainStage that is 280 meter long.

Thank you for this interview,
Best Regards
Jerome & Mel

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Interviewed by Ceren Çalışkan


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