Best Psytrance Tutorials Online!

If you’re looking for online psytrance production courses, we have brought together the best tutorials and online courses for you...

Pspiralife / Psychedelic Music and Education

Pspiralife has always been involved in music from a young age mainly focussing on the drum kit and began studying latin, jazz and funk around 2004 and then found a deep passion in psy trance and electronic music production over the next few years.

Since then he has been busy focussing on creating his own style of Zenonesque fused with Full On PsyTrance elements, while also incorporating a subtle touch of many other EDM styles, Classical, Orchestral and Cinematic.

Click me to read our interview about Pspiralife and his projects…

Futurephonic / Premium quality resources to Psychedelic Trance producers

“Here at Futurephonic our mission is to provide Psychedelic Trance producers, from beginner to advanced, with the highest quality tools to truly elevate your sound.”

Futurephonic created tutorials with great names like, Tristan, Day Din, Sonic Species, Headroom, Brainiac and more…

Click me to read our interview with Futurephonic

Dash Glitch / Great YouTube Tutorials

Glitch was exposed to an analog synth at a very tender age and has been obsessed with sound ever since and going on to study Audio Engineering. This armed him with the tools needed to craft his own unique sonic arsenal. His style showcases hard, rolling Bass-lines, hard-hitting, driving percussion blended with psychedelic, robotic leads and spacious pads and FX.

Dash Glitch creating great tutorials on YouTube!

Collective Intelligence / Music Production School

Collective Intelligence Music is a Melbourne based Electronic Music Production School, owned and operated by Andrew McGill-Brown, a passionate music producer and teacher hailing from the Deep South of New Zealand. We offer free public Ableton Lessons, private one on one tutorials, Ableton Live 4 week courses and Production Master Classes where experienced producers present their techniques for the growth of the music community.

Ryanosaurus Tutorials

The Ryanosaurus sound is a monstrous mix of phat basslines, glitchy soundscapes, emotive melody and a sly playfulness. The project walks the line between minimal progressive and full on psychedelic trance, with frequent forays into foreign styles and influences.

This group is for the sharing of information and knowledge related to psy music production. 

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