Art of Dark: Black-Light Art

Black-Light art which one of the most important part of Psytrance festivals is frequently seen in body paintings, psychedelic decorations and psychedelic art galleries. This art evolved completely differently from other genres. Blacklight art is a night art with its unique features. One of the most amazing features of this art is that colors are not seen during the day. So, how did this art come about? We see it in festivals that tiny details have great results. This tiny detail is called the phosphorus molecule. Therefore, in order to understand the Blacklight, we must first look at phosphorus.

The sun sends billions of ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, UVC) rays to the earth every day, while some of these rays remain in the ozone layer (UVC), the others reach to the earth. Phosphorus molecules absorb incoming UVA radiation and reflect this energy as visible light at a certain wavelength. Phosphorus is used in many areas such as toothpastes, detergents, makeup materials, invisible pens, light systems, and paints. That’s why people shine at night with their newly brushed teeth or UV paints. Because they have phosphorus.

The art of black-light occurs with the analyze of the nature of phosphor and the UV rays. Blacklight is found in the UV light wavelength range. The reason for being called black light is that the light is purple in color close to black. This light, along with developing light technology, led or fluorescent light tubes using the light reflected on it made visible. The reason for this is again phosphorus. There is some mercury in the fluorescent tubes. When these tubes are energized, mercury radiates, but this radiation is UV-invisible. Therefore, they cover the tubes with phosphorus. Thus, the UV light becomes visible light. The visible light in fluorescent lamps is unobstructed and we can see the color feast of UV paints. UV dyes also contain phosphorus and shine under dark light. Some UV dyes are charged with dark light and body heat and shine through the active ingredients in the dye at overnight. UV products that shine in different colors are due to the presence of varieties of phosphorus in different colors. These colorful and dimension-changing works that we see in festivals take place with the use of different phosphorus molecules. In addition to festivals and visual shows, dark light is used to examine many situations such as antiques, minerals, art, bacteria. So, how was the art of blacklight shaped within psychedelic art?

Fluorescent inks, invented by two brothers Joseph and Robert Switzer in 1932, and the blacklight invented by William H. Byler in 1935, were first got attract by the hippie generation of the 1960s. Fluorescent inks began to be used for poster designs of concerts. The effects such as visual flickering, dimensioning effects and glare under UV light increased the use of this light. See the article about the birth of psychedelic art.

These UV paints and black light began to be used in many areas as creative intelligence increased. Some of them are body-painting, black light tattoos, blacklight toys, UV reflective clothes and jewelry, and used in festival decorations.

By using Black Light, dimensioning, changing/floating shapes and flickering images are created in festival decorations. This perspective enables our brain to work differently and we find dimensions within dimensions. The sharpest part of this art is that; if you are surrounded by these lights and shining UV reactors, you will find yourself in a world wonder. In this world wonder, there are people and objects shining. This art is quite common in psytrance festivals. This world takes you on a different journey. Black Light Visuals, a group of artists who make body paintings to many people at festivals, has created a new perspective in this art by combining Ebru, one of the Turkish arts, with body painting. How does it feel to meet a different body after getting out of the bathtub? And an alien passing by while you are dancing ^^

Black Light King, who realizes this art, uses the Antari UV light to build paintings on paintings. Black Light King, who is dragging this art to a different side with 3D glasses, expresses his feelings about dark light art as follows:

“The black light king is a symbol of the kingdom which we all possess in finding the kingdom within the imagination. By using different color spectrums under intense lighting we can look at color and form in an extraordinary new way and build a perfect kingdom within the imagination of the mind.”

Cover Art By MAE & MOA


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