September 2019 Psytrance Chart

September was outstanding month for psytrance chart lovers. Again, we brought together the songs that we couldn’t stop listening to. We hope you have a good time, happy listening. 🙂
Ordered by release dates.
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Another Dimension – Darkness

Released by Minor Scale Records
Download Another Dimension – Darkness

Cosmic Bros – Psyche Matter

Geomagnetic is back with a hot new EP by Cosmic Bros titled Psyche Matter. Cosmic Bros is a psytrance music project of Pushkar and Suhail. We were introduced to Goa and psytrance on the shores of Anjuna while in college in 2002. Being outsiders we were overwhelmed by our first psytrance experiences in Goa. We got involved in supporting the scene and artists by attending and organizing as many parties as we could. Listening to the kick and bass wafting over the shores of goa beaches got our imagination going. Thanks to all the beautiful experiences that we have had around Goa – its people, the music and the parties the Cosmic Bros project has evolved to what it is today. The music with the background imagery of the ocean, mountains, and the skies resulted in the kind of sound that we are trying to achieve today. The thought that all these things/beings that occupy this space are connected and the overwhelming feeling of being one with all these elements is what led us to make music which tries to express those thoughts and recreate our experiences. This effort has been going on since then and what’s come out of this is what you are hearing. Our journeys continue to make us explore and learn more about the synthesis of sound and the resulting vibrations in the universe. Cosmic Bros tunes is best described as music that has not lost touch with Goa Trance and combined with new sounds and techniques that help us close the distance within the abstract space we all live and celebrate in – outdoors and dance floors – in an effort to combine everything into one stream of energy.

Released by Geomagnetic
Download Cosmic Bros – Psyche Matter

Raccoon – Friendly Drop

This EP is dedicated to the release of the long-awaited full album. You can look into the door slit, before you open the door to the deep forest journey.

Released by Space Baby Records

Download Raccoon – Friendly Drop

Phaxe – Historia (Querox Remix)

Melodic feels, uplifting vocals and smooth trance euphoria at it’s best- Querox adds a fresh touch to this classic tune from Phaxe.

Released by Iboga Records

Download Phaxe – Historia (Querox Remix)

Nightflow & Autark Mind – Expander

Released by Blue Tunes Records
Download Nightflow & Autark Mind – Expander

ESP – Escape Velocity

‘Escape Velocity’ is the latest output from ESP, the collaboration project of Space Tribe & Electric Universe
‘Escape Velocity’ is an absolute psychedelic blaster of a track that will guarantees to blow up any dance floor.

Released by Sacred Technology
Download ESP – Escape Velocity

Libra – Grain Valley

The TechSafari crew have walked many paths. The latest one has brought them to Libra’s Grain Valley. Libra has painted a musical picture, one of serenity, peace and bonding. The Grain Valley grows sounds the wind then carries to the ears and minds of those ready to listen. Libra has created a place where music and people expand reality to then become one.

Released by TechSafari Records

Download Libra – Grain Valley

PsiloCybian – B.L.U.R.

PsiloCybian makes a welcome return to BMSS Records with brand new dancefloor bomb ‘”B.L.U.R”. This fresh stomper is destined to set the trancefloor alight with its consciousness-convulsing grooves, relentless rolling bassline and riproaring 303 action. Its succeeds in infusing a light Goa-inspired melodic morning touch whilst simultaneously serving-up a real smorgasbord of psychedelic treats for the mind, body and soul.

If B.L.U.R hasn’t already got you stomping about like a demented maniac, it will very soon!

Released by BMSS Records

Download PsiloCybian – B.L.U.R.

Antinomy & Genetrick – Invisible Waves

The universe is full of Invisible Waves, and Antinomy & GeneTrick join forces to create some massive breakers in their psychedelic swirl of a collab. Now bring your hands together, to feel the energy of these waves.

Released by Iboga Records
Download Antinomy & Genetrick – Invisible Waves

Avan7 & Akasha & Mental Projection – 440 Micrograms

Released by Profound Records

Download Avan7 & Akasha & Mental Projection – 440 Micrograms

Tongue & Groove – Funk Slutz

The techonodelic thrill seekers, Tongue & Groove, have crafted two fresh deep groovers, drenched with filthy funky skankiness and seductive synthesis that creates an irresistible urge to get on up on that dancefloor and boogie on down to these ass-shaking tripped-out vibes.

Released by Nano Records

Download Tongue & Groove – Funk Slutz

Hujaboy & Lunatica – Quantic Fields

Hujaboy teams up with Lunatica, energy and momentum are transferred, what we perceive in this track as sonic particles are in fact excitations of the Quantic Fields!

Released by Digital Om

Download Hujaboy & Lunatica – Quantic Fields

Purple Shapes – Alfheim & Niflheim

Released by Harmonia Records
Download Purple Shapes – Alfheim & Niflheim

Sinegoma – Now What?

Released by Zenon Records

Download Sinegoma – Now What?

Manmachine – Semantic Memory

New Manmachine tune that rocked the floor of mighty Ozora Festival is ready – an energetic psytrance release called ‘Semantic Memory’ will make your feet move!

Released by TesseracTstudio

Download Manmachine – Semantic Memory

Diksha – Kaxinawa EP

Sangoma Records proudly presents our third EP by Brazil based project Diksha. 4 floor slamming tracks await you here, including a Diksha remix from Ajja as well as a collaboration with Kabayun. Kaxinawa is highly inspired by the spirit of the Amazon, which is also reflected in the stunning artwork of Luis Tamani.

Released by Timecode/Sangoma

Download Diksha – Kaxinawa EP

BLiSS – Blaze Up

Nutek Records proudly presents the new uplifting pumping track.

Released by Nutek Records
Download BLiSS – Blaze Up


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