Shankara lab - Sanskrit for "Shan-happiness", "Kara-making" - a creative laboratory wide range of design ideas and their implementation, including any opportunities for the development of graphic design as well as scenic and art installations, three-dimensional space. Practical realization of the ambitious ideas into reality involved in the creative team of creative artists, designers and decorators. We love to experiment with different materials and technologies and to transform the space with decorations in a mystical tale, based on a special method of creating objects when borrowing ideas of nature and the universe - biomimetics.

All the most perfect things has created and man should learn from nature, observe its device and relationships, the use of natural systems in modern life. Leonardo da Vinci - progenitor of bionic approach , who built the aircraft, similar to the wing of a bird. Then out of the first examples of bionic modeling can remember the Eiffel Tower, which was built on the principle of the organization of the tibia, and the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, "Goetheanum" Rudolf Steiner. The laboratory conducts art experiments in different directions. Since 2007. We designed many's event in different cities and international festivals. We also completed work on the decorations for theme parties and over theatrical props, decorated wedding. We have participated in exhibitions of contemporary art. Shankara lab is open to further creativity and takes orders, both new decorations and rental paintings and existing installations, theater rental vapors.

Experiment, to get unexpected results in the research process - this is work that is worth!
Welcome, friends, to the world of beauty and beautiful illusion!
We are ready to offer you:

• The development of conceptual solutions for the space
• Sets the stage and the hall
• Painting of selected surfaces of any size
• Production of scenery and props from various materials
• Installation and removal of decorations
• Rental finished paintings, paintings, installations, theater vapor

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